Eldfast: Ceramic Flue Lining

  • 3 to 5mm thickness of material which does not reduce flue area significantly
  • Retains heat in the flue to improve convection
  • Improves conductivity and gas flow through the flue
  • Ceramic is wholly acid resistant
  • Material carries 25 year guarantee
  • Strengthens flues by applying a hard wearing surface which is forced into all cracks and joints
  • It replaces the old lime mortar parging with a modern fireproof material
  • This material will line and repair all types of brick, clay, concrete, stone and lightweight concrete pumped linings. Also gas flue blocks
  • Tested and approved by BSRIA and DANAK test houses as a ceramic lining system
  • Listed and approved by HETAS

Explanatory video

For more information visit www.landyvent.co.uk