Coronavirus Statement

Premier Marble Ltd will be following all government guidelines during the current Coronavirus outbreak.  Our only concern during this difficult time is the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the wider community.  The admin team will be working from home to assist you in any enquiries you may have either for both existing and new orders.  We will be updating our facebook page regularly and ask that you visit us there for a fast response.

As a company we are committed to our future and have taken steps to ensure that our highly trained craftspeople are retained.  We would also like to apologise for those customers who have experienced delays in fitting their products.  We are as eager as you to "get the job done" but your safety must come first.

How to clean your worktops

By far the best way to destroy the Coronavirus is with simple soap.  The science behind this is quite simple.  The virus has a fatty outer layer, and the soap breaks down the outer layer breaking apart the virus, effectively "killing it".  Once the outer layer is destroyed the virus is harmless.  Antibacterial products are not as effective, and it is actually the soap element in these products that again kills the virus.

A simple solution of hot water and washing up liquid is the best way to clean down your granite and quartz worktops.Once washed the surface can be dried and buffed with a clean dry cloth or tea-towel.

You need to take a little more caution with marble - this product is porous and can be stained with a coloured soap solution (such as green fairy liquid).  Ideally you should use a non coloured soapy liquid, if this this not available then run a bowl of hot water and your washing liquid, but only use the white soapy bubbles that form on the surface to clean down your worktop.  Once washed the surface can be dried and buffed with a clean dry cloth or tea-towel.

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