About natural stone

When purchasing natural marble, granite, slate and stone it must be appreciated that these materials are, in most cases, over 300 million years old. They are from parts of the world that are constantly ‘on the move’, due to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions etc.

Therefore, in the course of developing a quarry, considerable variation may occur in the colouration and veining of the granite/marble/slate /stone extracted. For the reasons stated above, uniformity of appearance should not be expected. Each piece/type of marble is unique and each type of marble has different characteristics. No two pieces of marble can ever be exactly the same.

Some marbles and stone even have some fossilised remains of animals, fish or shells present in them.

Granite, marble, slate and stone are sold throughout the world as being inherently unsound and this can vary from hairline vents in some types to extensive brecciations in others. It is quite commonplace to cramp or fill these materials in order to strengthen, make good or reinforce. Such repairs should therefore be regarded as normal and not be treated as defective.

Marble, slate and stone are porous materials, even when the surface is polished. Care and respect should be administered as acidic products, cigarettes, cola, fruit, oils, wine etc can stain or remove the polish from the material.

Granite is extremely hard and is not so easily marked or damaged.

We hope the information supplied will help you to understand and appreciate natural quarried materials and the care needed when having natural stone worktops.

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